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Arizona 4-H Record Books Resource Page

You can get both your Member Record Book and Project Record Book from the webpage below.

You will need to have a Project Record, per each project and 1 Member Record.


Also, Please be sure to put the forms in the following order:

1. Arizona 4-H Member Record

2. Arizona 4-H Project Record (main project)

3. Project Record (USE ONLY IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE PROJECTS, additional projects can be added from here on)

The current year should be placed in front, and should have previous years behind. Please use additional covers if record book is too large.

Record Book Covers are available for purchase at the Maricopa County 4-H Office or they may be purchased online at 4hmall.org.

Seniors: National 4-H Congress Info:  http://national4-hcongress.com/

More information and guidelines are online at https://extension.arizona.edu/search/record%20book?page=1

Information & Links for 4-H  and Enrollment

· Maricopa County Cooperative Extension: http://extension.arizona.edu/maricopa

· Maricopa County 4-H: http://extension.arizona.edu/4h/maricopa

   This is where you can go to connect with personnel.

  • Becoming a 4-H Member and/or Volunteer in Maricopa County:  

· Maricopa County 4-H Online Calendar: https://extension.arizona.edu/calendar

· Maricopa County 4-H Calendar PDF:    https://extension.arizona.edu/sites/extension.arizona.edu/files/attachment/2019%20Calendar_12.pdf

· Arizona 4-H: http://extension.arizona.edu/4h/

· Arizona 4-H Online Enrollment System: 

  •  4-H Online Help Sheet for Enrollment:  

· National 4-H Council: http://4-h.org/

· U.S.D.A. National Institute of Food & Agriculture: https://nifa.usda.gov/program/4-h-learning

· 4-H Mall: http://www.4-hmall.org/Home.aspx