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2016 - 2017
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Community ClubYouth Officers:

February Community Club Meeting
 February 6,  2017
Theme:  Twin Day
at the Queen Creek Library
in the Zane Grey Room 
6:30 p.m.

*Queen Creek 4-H Club

Service Auction Fundraiser

For the past several years, QC 4-H Community Club has been having a service auction as a successful fundraiser.

Here’s how it works?

Individual members, or groups of members, come up with a service they are willing to perform.  At the February 6th community club meeting, family and friends bid on these services in a life auction format.  The highest bidder pays for the auction service that evening and leaves with contact information to redeem their

purchased service


What will the raised money be used for?

Traditionally a portion is used for our year end celebration and pin awards.   The membership votes on use of fundraised money.  In the past, some uses have been leader trainings/certifications, donations for service projects and summer camp scholarships members can apply for.

How does a member  sign up to offer a service?Members may offer a service as an individual or as a group.  If you find a group to work with, there needs to be one person willing to serve as the main contact/coordinator.

We usually have a variety of services depending on the ideas and talents of our members.   These tend to be popular service ideas:  horse trailer washing, stall clean up, saddle cleaning, baked items (either brought that night, or by order for future…be specific on which it is), yard work, prepared dinners (for future), etc.  Be specific in your auction description (for example, say how many hours of babysitting or specify how many members will provide a certain number hours of yardwork. 

Sign-up at the January Meeting or EMAIL your service auction commitment by January 30th  to Melanie Mansingh at [email protected].

Please provide all the information below:

1. Description of Service with details

2. Member(s) Providing Service

3. Key Contact Phone and Email

Deadline to submit your service is January 30th!!

When is the Auction?

  • February 6th at the 6:30 pm Community Club Meeting at Queen Creek Library.   
  • Be prepared to sell yourself and your service at the February meeting!   You will stand when your item is being auctioned!  Be enthusiastic!

Who Bids and Buys the Services?

  • Parents, friends, family, grandparents, former 4-H supporters…..anyone that members can get to come to the February 6th meeting!   
  • We can accept cash and checks (to QC 4-H) only.

It's that time of year.
There is a lot going on right now..
Make sure to check out the 
4-H Online Calendar for 
Upcoming Events:  See below for link
Roots N Boots Rodeo
March 17-19, 2017
Location:  Horseshoe Park
Queen Creek, AZ

***Volunteers Needed**
Please contact Myrna Flores
[email protected]

QC Horse is hosting the barrel race on Thursday, Ranch Sorting on Friday and Corn Hole on Saturday.  Barrel race and Sorting is a fundraiser for our QC Horse scholarship.  Corn Hole is a fundraiser for Darin Waaramaa's family (daughters scholarship fund).

And check this correspondence out -

Hey 2016 Roots N' Boots Volunteers!

Friends of Horseshoe Park, a Queen Creek based 501(c)3 non-profit,  is pleased to announce the funding of two educational scholarships to worthy 2016 Roots N' Boots Queen Creek volunteers.

Hosting RnBQC  takes an incredible number of volunteer hours, both planning and then executing all five days.  To recognize the youth and young adults who assist us in making RnBQC such a huge success, we are offering TWO educational scholarships.

  1. Top Hand Scholarship:  High Schoolers who are a Junior or Senior as of January 2017 and plan on continuing their education past high school
  2. Herd Boss Scholarship:   College or vocational students who are in their Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior year as of January 2017.
  3. Volunteered for Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek 2016, with a volunteer form on file
  4. Were not part of the 2016 Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek Royalty.
Applying and Application PacketFurther information, requirements, submission instructions and the Application Packet can be found on the Friends of Horseshoe Park website here .

Don't wait!   Submissions are due by 5pm on 17Feb2017 and the recipients will be announced during RnBQC 2017!


 Record book Workshop

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 6:30 p.m.

    U of A Cooperative Extension Office

    Contact:  Maricopa County 4-H Office

    (602) 827-8228 or (602) 827-8275

    Cost:  $3.00

    Entry Deadline:  March 13, 2017  5:00 p.m.

    For more details:

  If you have any questions please contact us at  [email protected] .


Queen Creek 4-H currently offers the following projects for kids from 9 to 18 years old:

Dog, Dairy Goat, Market Goat, Horse, Market Lamb, Shooting Sports, Small Stock (incl:  rabbit, cavy, poultry and pygmy goat), Market Swine, Teen & Leadership, and Outdoor Adventure.

 We also offer a "Cloverbuds" program for kids 5 to 8 years old. 

See our Projects pages for details on each of these projects and their activities.

"The 4-H Mission"

4-H Empowers youth to reach their full

potential, working and learning in

partnership with caring adults.

"The 4-H Vision"

A world in which youth and adults

learn, grow and work together as

catalysts for positive change.

"The 4-H Motto"

"To Make the Best Better!"

The motto proposed by Carrie Harrison,

a botanist with the U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry, was officially adopted in 1927 when the 4-H Pledge was introduced.